Saturday, November 19, 2011

Part 3: Updating the Plant Look-Up Spreadsheet Lists from the USDA Plants Website


Edit 4/25/2013:  I updated all spreadsheets to be able to convert Scientific Names to Accepted Plant Symbols, which was a requested feature.  In order to do this, I had to eliminate plant synonyms from the data list. But, I added a few other columns such as Family Common Name, Family Symbol, and Order.  The images below look slightly different than those in the updated spreadsheets.  - Colin

If you're using Excel 2003, you should download the ".xls" files.   If you're using Excel 2003, be aware that there is a 65,536 row data limit. If you use the current list without plant synonyms, it's not a problem. However, if you wish to include plant synonyms, you may have to limit your list to a particular state.  To download another state (or to update the LIST worksheet in any of the workbooks), follow these instructions:
  1. You'll need to download the list of plants from the USDA PLANTS database:
    • Click here to open the link to the plants database with the correct settings selected.
    • Click on "Review Selections or Sort Report"
    • Click on "Modify Selections"
    • Select the state you want plant info for or select other options to display.
    • Click on "display results" at bottom of the screen. 
    • On the new screen that comes up, click on the word "download" in small print on the upper right-hand portion of the screen, next to "Printer Friendly" 
    • A new screen will appear with comma-delimited text. 
    • Save the webpage as a text file.  There are many ways to do this, one way is to copy all the text, open notepad, paste the text, and save the file as a ".txt". 
  2. Import plant list into Excel 
    • Open Excel
    • Click on "File" and "Open"
    • Be sure the type of files being displayed is "txt" or "all files"
    • On the first, "Step 1", screen be sure the circle or box next to "Delimited" is marked. 
    • On the second step scree, be sure there's a check mark next to "comma" and the others are unchecked.
    • On the final screen, click on "finish".
  3. Copy all the plant codes and other data into this spreadsheet's "LIST" tab.
    • On the plant list you imported into Excel in the last step, select all cells (or press  "Ctrl + a"), then press the copy button (or "Ctrl + c").  This will highlight and copy the entire worksheet.
    • On the "LIST" tab of this workbook, press "Ctrl + a" and then either press the paste button or "Ctrl +v".
    • Re-save the "Plant Code Lookup" file with the new state name abbreviation at the end.
You're ready to go!
Note: using the Excel 2003 version, plant families are not downloaded so will not show up on the code lookup page.

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