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Click on the button below to access the file download page. You'll also have a chance to sign my guestbook & survey form. These files are provided free of charge, but it's helpful to know which files are being used and who is benefiting from them.

Description of Files:

BirdMacroLibrary.xlsm (formerly Colin's Macro Library.xls):
This includes the AOU bird species code converters, phylogenetic order sorting tool, and other Excel formulas and macros discussed in this blog.  Note if you change the name of the file or tabs, some macros won't work unless you update them.  I originally created this file for my own use about 10 years ago and I thought about changing the file name when making it public, but discovered it would take a while to update all the macros and formulas to the new file name.
  • 4/9/2013: Updated this file with the Sept 19, 2012 AOU bird code list and changed filename to BirdMacroLibrary.xlsm.  For some reason VBA macro libraries using the .xls extension weren't working properly in Excel 2007/2010 so I had to save it in the new .xlsm file extension.  If you need the old "Colin's Macro Library.xls" file for Excel 2003, please contact me.
  • 12/30/2011: Updated Colin's Macro Library.xls
  • 6/2011:  Colin's Macro Library.xls: Version 6/2010, beta.

Plant Code Lookup - all plants - with Macros.xlsm
Plant Code Lookup - all plants - No Macros.xlsx
Plant Code Lookup - all plants - with Macros.xls (formerly state only)
Plant Code Lookup - all plants - No Macros.xls (formerly state only)

All the spreadsheets have all the plants now, but no synonyms.  The 2003 versions (.xls) don't allow more than 65,536 lines of data, which won't be a problem with the synonym-free list, but will be if you want to add many more lines of data.  Click on here for information and instructions on how to update the plant code list for your state.
  • 4/25/2013:  Updated all the spreadsheets to now convert from scientific name to plant symbol, which was a requested feature.  Also, converts to family common name, order, and a few other options.
  • 4/9/2013: Checked USDA Plants website and did not see any updates from 2011 list that these spreadsheets are based on.
  • 11/19/2011:  Put version 1 of plant database spreadsheets.


  • 4/12/2013:  Added version 1 of this file. Macro or copy/paste options available.  Info here.


Enabling Macros and Security Settings

If you're having trouble using macros in my macro library or other Excel spreadsheets, click here to to see if your Excel security settings are set-up correctly.  Instructions are given for the 2003, 2007, and 2010 versions of Excel.


You've all heard this stuff before.  The information, content, and download products provided in this blog are provided "as is."  That is, information on this site may lack accuracy, completeness, or currentness and the author(s) of this blog will not be liable for any errors or omissions in the information or products or damages, injuries, or delays caused by them (why to disclaimers on the internet always include "injuries"?).  I want to remind you that I created this macro library and blog as a place to store information and tools that I gathered over time, so that I could easily find them again.  So the information and products are for me, but I happen to be sharing them!

If you distrust downloaded files with macros, you'd be well justified since macros can contain content that are security threats to computers.  I've made attempts to make sure my file downloads are virus-free at the time of upload.  However, your use of the information and products is your choice and the author(s) of this blog will not be held responsible for any harm caused by them.  Steps you can take to ensure this and all files downloaded from the internet are safe include:
  1. Have updated anti-virus software on your computer.
  2. Open the Excel file with  your security settings set to Medium or High, and do not enable macros.  You can then peruse the macros that are present in the file and decide whether to use them, or write your own macros.
  3. Write your own macros.  I've made attempts to provide insight into how some of my macros are written on my blog pages.  If the macro programming text is not in my blog entry, then you can open the Excel file without enabling macros, open the macro for editing, and read and copy the program text into a spreadsheet that you trust.
  4. If it helps, contact me and I'll try to get back to you to assure you I'm a good guy who's just trying to help out a fellow biologist or researcher with stuff that I've learned. You can request that I email you a copy directly, too.

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